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A premium quality, fast drying acrylic-based paint specially designed for application to automotive wheels.



  • Finishing product
  • Fast drying
  • Durable and tough
  • Light metallic finish to match alloy wheels
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Durable and tough

500ml Aerosol x 6
Inner Barcode 5011807047148
Outer Barcode 05011807450696


Always ensure surfaces to be treated are clean dry and free from rust, oils, greases and any loosely adhering or damaged coatings. Rust or other surface corrosion and contamination should be removed where necessary using wet and dry abrasive paper, clean thoroughly with detergent, followed by TEK038 Universal Degreaser or suitable alternative and allow to dry. Remove wheels, prop up in an upright position and mask where necessary to prevent overspray.

Where wheels or trims are pitted, scratched, abraded or in poor surface condition, use TEK High Build Primer. Where plastic trims are in good condition apply TEK021 Plastic Adhesion Promoter. Allow to dry in accordance with can instructions.

Where metallic wheels are in good condition, free of unsound matter etc, this product may be applied directly to the surface following thorough cleaning as described above.

Shake the can thoroughly for at least two minutes, and apply from a distance of 20 – 30cm. Repeat shaking during the application. Application should be undertaken using a side-to-side, and up and down motion ensuring light even coverage. Further coats may be applied at fifteen minute intervals, or when touch dry, until the required finish is obtained.

Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours to develop maximum paint hardness before applying TEK032 High Gloss 1K Super Clearcoat. On completion of use, invert can, and depress actuator for a few seconds to prevent nozzle blockage.

Where to use:
All types of automotive wheels including steel, alloy, and plastic trims.

Where not to use:
This product is specialised wheel paint, and should be used only for the intended application.